Italy: Patron Saint of Aviators at the Shrine of Loreto

July 11, 2019
The Shrine of Loreto.

Our Lady of Loreto, “Patroness of Aviators,” will be honored on the occasion of a jubilee, celebrated December 8, 2019 to December 10, 2020.  Pilgrims who so desire, and who will come the Italian shrine by air from all over the world, may be granted a plenary indulgence.

For that, these faithful must pass through the Holy Door and ask for the “gift of conversion to God and the renewal of their filial devotion to the one who protects us during air travel,” said Bishop Dal Cin, prelate of the Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto, at a ceremony held on June 21 in the presence of members of the Italian Air Force.

In March 1920, Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922) officially proclaimed Our Lady of Loreto patron saint of aviation and those who work in aviation or travel by air. As the centenary of this event approaches, the Italian shrine in the Marche region is preparing for solemn celebrations.

According to tradition, the house of the Holy Family was transported by angels through the air from Nazareth to Loreto, in central Italy during the night of 9 to 10 December 1294.