UNESCO Honors the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 11, 2018
Source: fsspx.news
The creches in Krakow

Every year, UNESCO lengthens is list of the material and immaterial Heritage of Humanity, with the goal of recognizing and preserving the cultural value of many treasures of civilization. In 2018, three Catholic traditions have been added, two of them directly related to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Romeria, a cycle of pilgrimages in honor of Our Lady of Zapopan in Mexico, that begins in May every year and ends on October 12, has thus been listed as part of the Heritage of Humanity. The Romeria dates back to the year 1734, and every year, two million pilgrims gather at the basilica of Zapopan on October 12.

Belarus has also been honored by UNESCO, with the recognition of Our Lady of Budslau, a Marian pilgrimage site that dates back to an apparition in 1588. The icon of Our Lady of Budslau, patroness of Belarus, is venerated all year long with processions, nights of adoration and pilgrimages.

The Nativity Scenes of Krakow have also been added to the list of Humanity’s heritage. This tradition dates back to the 19th century and presents many Nativity Scenes typical of the Polish culture and heritage.

On the first Thursday of December, shopkeepers meet in the Great Square of Krakow to set up their creations. They are then exhibited at the Historical Museum of the city of Krakow until the month of February.