India : “Go and teach all nations"

May 12, 2018
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Dear readers,

The apostolate of Catholic Schools in mission countries was something very dear to our beloved founder. Is it not the very command of Our Lord: “Go and teach all nations? It is why the Society has always been taken a special care of educating, especially in mission countries. Our fathers and sisters in the Indian mission are doing an excellent job educating and bringing up orphan children. I have seen it personally. It is my hope that our missionary workers are able to continue on with their noble work.

And so I ask you, the faithful, to prayerfully consider supporting the Society of Saint Pius X's mission in India. In order to better inform you on our apostolic work in the region, I present to you the following video. May it edify and inspire you!

With my priestly blessing,

Father Alain-Marc Nely.