To Form Future Priests

June 24, 2015

From the 2015 priestly ordinations held at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, MN, we offer a video about the priesthood and thus the importance of the New Seminary Project. Here are some extracts of the 12 different interviews featured in the video.

The seminary is all about forming priests. We're a priestly society, we take care of faithful, we take care of parishes, but we need priests to do that.

Of all the projects that we could possibly do in the Society, this new seminary is the most important project.

The formation of the seminarians, which is the formation of the priests, is the formation of the officers of the Church. When you support the formation of the seminarians, you support the building of the Church.

It's fitting, perfectly fitting, that we do all we can, all our best, to build seminaries, and to form vocations, to form future priests, the future of the Church.

The seminary project, is for us the perfect realization of the Archbishop's [Lefebvre] spirit, which was full of hope—and a magnanimous spirit. To put the light on the hilltop, so that all may see, and be attracted, by this beacon of light which is the place where priests are made.

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