“The Four Gospels in One,” by Canon Weber

August 06, 2021
Source: FSSPX Spirituality
The Four Evangelists, 15th century painting, Munich

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ for a faithful Christian?

“The Son of God,” replies Bossuet in his Panegyric of Saint Paul, “had resolved to appear to men in two different ways. First He had to appear in the truth of His flesh; secondly, He had to appear in the truth of His word. Because, as He was the Savior of all, He had to show Himself to all.”

“Therefore, it is not enough for Him to appear in one corner of the world; He must show Himself in all the places where the will of His Father has prepared the faithful for Him. So that same Jesus, who appeared only in Judea, by the truth of His flesh, will be carried by all the earth, by the truth of His word.”

“This is why the great Origen was not afraid to assure us that the Word of the Gospel is a kind of second body which the Savior took for our salvation. What does this mean, Christians? and what resemblance could he find between the body of our Savior and the word of His gospel? Here is the basis of this thought: it is that Eternal Wisdom, which is begotten in the bosom of the Father, is made sensible in two types.”

“He became sensible in the flesh which He took in Mary's womb; and He still makes Himself felt through divine Scriptures and through the word of the Gospel: so much that we can say that this word and these Scriptures are like a second body that He takes, to appear again in our eyes. It is there that we see Him: this Jesus, who conversed with the Apostles, still lives for us in His Gospel, and He still pours out the word of eternal life therein for our salvation.”

Clovis publications presents a new edition of Les Quatre Evangiles en un seul, [The Four Gospels in One] the admirable work accomplished by Canon Alfred Weber at the end of the 19th century. It was a huge success with bishops and the faithful. He was saluted by Popes Leo XIII and St. Pius X.

In its later editions, the work was supplemented by the Acts of the Apostles, presented according to the same pedagogy by the ecclesiastical scholar. He added to it a supplement relating the history of the very primitive Church, notably through the ministry and the epistles of Saints Peter, John, and Paul, until the end of their earthly lives.

Clovis editions is offering a recomposed and illustrated version of the complete book. The 12 x 17 cm format book is bound, with two bookmarks, and has 34 illustrations by Gustave Doré, as well as 4 maps.*

Alfred Weber, Les Quatre Evangiles en un seul, Clovis 2021, 784 pages, 26€.

[Note : English language reprints of The Four Gospels Harmonized are available through print-on-demand services online.]