“No” Vote on Homosexual Marriage Ignored by the Intelligentsia in Taiwan

December 06, 2018
Source: fsspx.news
Taipei, the Capital City of Taiwan

The Taiwanese voted massively against homosexual civil unions, but the government claims the right to go against the electors’ choice. According to the official results, the “no” got 67.2% of the votes.

On November 24, 2018, the Taiwanese voted in a referendum on unnatural unions.

Of the five motions presented, three of them restated the traditional definition of marriage. These three were voted for by the electors, unlike the two others supported by homosexual pressure groups.

Immediately after the results were announced, Annie Huang, director of the Taiwanese branch of Amnesty International, deplored the rejection of “the rights to homosexual marriage” and to “an inclusive education of LGBTs in schools” (sic).

But as history has not ceased to prove, the revolution does not hesitate to disregard the will of the people that it pretends to exalt when it is in its favor or when it can be manipulated. In May 2018, the Supreme Court of Taiwan declared that forbidding “marriage for all” is “unconstitutional” and gave the government two years to modify the law, regardless of the results of the vote.

The referendum did nothing to change the government’s will to go through with these modifications; if it has to wait to legalize homosexual “marriage”, the first step it can take will be to create protective measures for this type of couple.

Obviously, the press that supports the legalization of unnatural unions lost no time in pointing out that the referendum is “purely consultative”. In short, this consultation of the people is likely to be no more than a grim joke, to the detriment of the natural order and the family.