Advent, time of peace in Our Lady

November 28, 2020
Bernardo Daddi, Pregnant Virgo Maria

In this time of Advent let us contemplate how humility is always accompanied by Peace, that peaceful silence which invades the soul and makes it descend into the depths of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The humble man is silent, he keeps silent about himself before God and before men. And this silence pacifies him and produces in him detachment and trust. Detachment from creation and trust in God, recollection in God. Of all creatures, the Virgin Mary is obviously the one who attained the highest degree of trust in God, the one who was the most contemplative and the most peaceful.

However, what humility produces in us is produced in an incomparably more perfect way in Mary.

In fact, the peace that our Rex pacificus caused in our souls through His cross, He caused by putting things in order. But in the Virgin Mary there was no need to restore order since she is the Immaculate. She is not only at peace, she herself is fully pacified. One could say that she is peace itself.

In the litanies she is called “The Queen of Peace”. Indeed, she bears this title in the full sense of the word: On the side of God, who is Himself peace, the Virgin Mary is an image of this peace of God. And then, on our side, the Virgin Mary is the cause of our peace.

The Virgin Mary is pacified because everything in her is perfectly in order.

Each Ecce that she pronounced was followed by the Fiat of consent, of acceptance. She was perfectly submissive, perfectly dependent on God. She was always in her place. She never refused anything to God. She always consented, always accepted. She trusted without ever worrying about anything. She always remained in peace without anything to disturb or trouble her. All the trials of her life, all those swords that pierced her soul, throughout her existence, throughout her life with Jesus, always found her perfectly disposed, entirely peacefully inclined to accept the Will of God as it was manifested. And precisely this gives her an extraordinary majesty. She is not only pacified, she is the Queen of Peace. It seems as if the Rex pacificus has communicated His royal allure (behaviour) to her.

The Virgin Mary, not only is fully pacified, but she herself pacifies us. When we look at her it is like when we look at a queen, a woman who communicates her peace to us. She pacifies us, She puts us in our place. Her gaze straightens us up, puts us in order, cleanses us, keeps us dependent on God.

Do you think that loving God is giving Him something? Give Him access, He asks for nothing else. This is what the Virgin Mary does. To love God is to offer oneself to the liberalities of his love, it is to allow Him to love us. This is what the Virgin Mary did and this is the true Peace that the world cannot give and that only humility teaches.