The Anti-Catholic Profile of the New Spanish Ambassadress to the Vatican

February 03, 2022
Mrs. Isabel Celaa Dieguez

Mrs. Isabel Celaá Diéguez received the placet from the Holy See and is now the new Spanish Ambassadress to the Vatican. Although she has always declared herself a Catholic, her actions as Minister of Education in the Spanish socialist-communist government have regularly attacked state-subsidized education, which is mainly Catholic.

The Spanish government has therefore appointed the former Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Mrs. Isabel Celaá Diéguez, as Spanish Ambassadress to the Holy See, replacing María del Carmen de la Peña, according to the Official Journal.

A graduate in philosophy, English philology, and law, she was also government spokeswoman, PSOE deputy in Congress during the 13th and 14th legislatures and deputy of the same party in the Basque Parliament.

She was also Minister of Education, Universities and Research of the Basque Country, Vice-President of the Basque Parliament and Director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice, Economy, Labor and Social Security of the Basque Government, among others.

Her action as Minister of Education has been controversial, as she openly opposed private, state-funded schools, which are predominantly Catholic.

The amendment to the Organic Law of Education approved in extremis in December 2020 (LOMLOE) is also known as the Celaá Law and – among other things – considerably reduces the possibility for parents to choose the school for their children.

It also reduces the teaching of religion in all stages of education, to make it practically insignificant.

The face of the government's most aggressive totalitarianism, Isabel Celaá went so far as to say that “we can in no way think that children belong to their parents,” in order to underline her opinion that the education of minors is the primary and direct responsibility of the State, the Autonomous Communities, and other public authorities.

This doctrine, well known in history, has been developed by all totalitarians, and in particular by communism, Soviet or Chinese: the child is first and foremost the responsibility of the State. This is contrary to both natural law and Church law.

In natural law, the education of the child is the primary responsibility of the parents. The State is responsible for helping them, or even, if the parents prove incapable or dangerous, for replacing them.

As for the law of the Church, it places the child under its responsibility for supernatural education. She is also responsible for helping parents with their education from the natural point of view. These rights are prior to those of the State, contrary to what the new ambassador to the Holy See may think.