The Apostolate in Viral Times

September 01, 2020

News from SSPX in Asia

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

This most recent issue of the Apostle Magazine comes to you during (perhaps) the most unpredictable and the strangest times in our lives. Certainly, if you had said one year ago that chaos, confusion, fear and disorder would happen across the world, we would have laughed at your prediction! Let us put to one side the enormous questions and theories surrounding the ongoing origins of the virus, the confusion, and all the consequences of it. This bizarre turn of events requires a calm and careful deliberation of the facts, facts which may never be fully known until the General Judgement. However, that is a subject for another time and place.

What we cannot put aside for another time is the response of the clergy and faithful to this current “crisis.” This is the big question that demands an answer; “What are we to do?” We all woke up one random morning and the churches were closed, the Mass was forbidden, and the sacraments were not available to souls in need. Then, the horrific principle was promulgated in almost every country, “Public prayer and Worship is now considered a non-essential activity.” What a terrible situation to face! How could the life-saving truths and graces given by Our Lord Jesus Christ simply be relegated to a category of “non-essential” activity, as if the worship of God and the salvation of souls is the same type of activity as pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues?!? Here lies the essence of the problem – religious worship is seen by nearly all governments as an optional and individualistic activity. The answer to this error can only be found in the promotion of the Social Kingship of Christ.

Another lesson that we can learn from these “lockdowns” is the inherent weakness in our apostolates. We simply do not have sufficient vocations from our chapels across Asia. We operate priories and chapels in more than 10 countries in Asia. However, we rely on many foreign priests and religious to work in these lands… and these foreigners happily do so and will continue to do so for as long as God wills. Nevertheless, this recent lockdown has shone a spotlight on this weak link in the chain of our apostolate. It simply takes an irrational outbreak of fear and panic to shut down borders and send all foreigners packing… thereby depriving the local faithful of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the life-saving Sacraments and the nourishing Catechism of the truths of the faith. This most recent debacle has made clear one important priority, i.e., if vocations are not fostered and promoted, our entire apostolate for the salvation of souls withers and dies. Oremus!

Therefore, my dear readers, please continue your generous prayers and support of the District of Asia. Pray that God and His Holy Mother raise up generous souls in the young men and young women to dedicate their lives to the service of God and His Church in whatever manner He chooses. Generosity creates generosity…this is certainly true on the side of God.

Fr. Patrick Summers,

FSSPX District Superior of Asia

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