Asia Bibi Tells the Tale of Her Calvary

March 04, 2020

A year after Asia Bibi’s acquittal and several months after having obtained refugee status in Canada, Asia Bibi has written the tale of the Calvary she experienced: that of a Catholic mother condemned to death in Pakistan, unjustly accused of having committed “blasphemy” against the Islamic religion.

Her crime was to have drunk out of the same well as the female Muslims in her village. Her Catholic faith condemned her to live out an existence of servitude and struggle in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In a moving book released on January 27, 2020, Asia Bibi describes a nine-year martyrdom in the death row of a Pakistani jail in Shekhupura.

The 49-year-old mother has become a symbol of the persecution to which Christians are subjected in the umma—the Muslim community. She tells of threats, insults, blows, humiliations, torture… a life shared by two million Christians in this Muslim country, bordering on Afghanistan and Iran.

It is to them in particular, especially to those “accused of blasphemy and still imprisoned” that Asia Bibi dedicates her book, co-written in French with journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet and published by Editions du Rocher under the evocative title Enfin libre! [Free at last!].