Asian vocations

October 05, 2021

Dear Friends and Benefactors,
As you will see in this issue of the APOSTLE magazine, we are speaking about the importance and necessity of vocations to the Religious Life.

Why Religious life? You may wonder… Are we running out of topics of discussion? No, on the contrary. It is the one thing necessary. In fact, it is a duty of the priest not only to evangelize but also help souls (whom God is calling to a consecrated life) to respond to their vocation.

It is a subject that we can never speak too much about. One that has gained even more urgency in the current situation. As the world arounds us continues the downward spiral into abject lunacy – in a complete rejection of God, the decision for young men and young women to enter the consecrated state becomes more and more a pressing issue.

To better serve God, to better work out their salvation, to better work out the salvation of the souls of others… this is the purpose for which God has given mankind this state of consecrated life.

We are faced with a shortage of priests, brothers and nuns all across the world. This shortage is especially visible here in the vast missionary fields of Asia where the overwhelming majority of persons are ignorant of the life-saving truths of our holy faith.

One obvious reason for more Religious Vocations is the current world situation we are witnessing. On all sides we can observe a great fear, panic, anxiety and trouble due to reports of persons dying from a virus.

To the Catholic soul, this is not a real reason for anxiety or sorrow. The real fear should be rather, “Many of these persons who are dying are not ready to stand before the God because they are without the grace of Baptism or are not living their baptismal promises.”

This question will lead us into another equally important question, one which is too often ignored, namely, “What am I doing to stop this massive loss of souls?”

Dear readers, ponder well these truths: “If God is expecting me (and He is) to do something, am I faithful to His expectations? Can I not bring much needed sanctity and sanity by consecrating my life to God?”

The world is in desperate need of saints not just persons who forward the lives of saints on social media!

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We do appreciate your support: “God loves a cheerful giver!”