Bioethics Law: Passed by Force and Hatred of Nature

July 29, 2020

The bioethics law, the discussion of which had been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, surreptitiously returned during an extraordinary session of the French parliament. While the social reopening promises to be catastrophic, the ideology does not budge. After the first reading by the National Assembly and then the Senate, the second reading in the Assembly takes place on Monday, July 27. The text that will be presented has passed through the Caudine Forks of an ad hoc committee.

However, the work of the special committee responsible for preparing the second Assembly debate was to be difficult. The opposition had tabled more than 2,000 amendments. Still, it only took 37 hours to process them, rejecting nearly all of them, and removing most of the changes made by the Senate.

The law before the deputies had barely changed, except when it has made several provisions worse.

“Right to the child”

The upper house had raised the debate by recalling an obvious truth: “no one has the right to the child.” The committee considered this principle to be without legal significance and simply deleted it.

Likewise, the Senate had tried to maintain a distinction between the purely “medical” interventions of Medically Assisted Reproduction (PMA), i.e., those which concern an infertile couple, interventions known as “comfort,” and those which are not justified by a real medical reason—such as in the case of same-sex couples. The Assembly rejected this distinction in the name of “equality and collective solidarity” (?).

Towards human chimeras

The Senate had prohibited any creation of transgenic embryos—by adding non-human genes—or  chimeric—by fusion between a human embryo and a non-human embryo. The special commission removed this ban which respected the boundary between humans and animals, through a sleight of hand trick: while it is still forbidden to add animal cells to a human embryo, it is allowed to add human cells to an animal embryo.

In addition, certain manipulations, by addition or by fusion, are authorized by special exemptions, as long as they are reserved for research and they remain limited in time. The research time limits are also significantly increased since they go from 7 to 14 or 21 days depending on the case.

Thus French law is in the process of authorizing chimeras of the human type, i.e., the creation of beings who will possess human and animal elements. They are of course supposed to stay in the laboratories.

With such a law, we are entering straight into the “Brave New World.” Will we soon have to distinguish between Alphas, pure men, Betas, human beings with a little bit of animality, Gammas, a little less human, up to Epsilons or Lambdas, types of slaves, sufficiently animal so as not to revolt?

The legislator is playing sorcerer’s apprentice, to stay in the race dictated by mercantile or ideologically perverted interests. Humanity will pay the consequences.