Birthday of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

November 29, 2019

On Wednesday, November 29, 1905, Marcel Lefebvre, third child of René Lefebvre and Gabrielle née Watine, was born in Tourcoing. It was too late in the day to have the newborn baptized, so Marcel François Marie Joseph was baptized in the church of Notre Dame the next day, on the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle.

Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais wrote:


“The Archbishop’s mother never waited to be back on her feet before having the children baptized; the family went to tthe church without her and it was only after the ceremony that she was happy to hold the baby, born again to the divine life and resplendent with sanctifying grace. When Louise, the maid, gave her Marcel to kiss, Mrs. Lefebvre received one of those intuitions which she often had: ‘He will have an important role in the Church close to the Pope.’”

Extract from Marcel Lefebvre, The Biography, Angelus Press, 2004, p. 6. 

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