Bishops in the UK Encourage the “Rosary on the Coasts”

March 07, 2018
Bishop Leo Cushley.

The campaign to rally as many Catholics as possible for the recitation of the Rosary on the island’s coasts has received the support of the United Kingdom’s major bishops


The initiative came from laymen: after Poland, Italy, and Ireland, the faithful of England, Scotland, and Wales are invited to recite the Rosary all along the coasts “to restore faith, life, and peace in the British Isles.” 

The movement has grown, and at the end of February, 2018, no less than 60 prayer centers along the kingdom’s natural borders had been designated to group together the faithful who will come to pray for their country’s future.

Aware of the importance of this new Rosary Crusade, several high-ranking prelates have officially encouraged the faithful’s initiative. The cardinal-archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburg, Archbishop Leo Cushley, and the bishops of Paisley, Bishop John Keenan, and Portsmouth, Bishop Philip Egan, have voiced their support.

This day of prayer will take place on April 29, 2018: “It’s a call for all of you to make your way to some part of the coast and pray a Rosary, imploring Our Lady to now arouse a great renewal of our Christian faith in our country” and “bring about an end to the scourge of abortion in our land,” said Bishop John Keenan.