Blood of Christ, Out of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Save Us

July 10, 2020

Who can doubt its sweet constraints over the Immaculate Heart of Mary? She is Queen of Heaven

and earth. Far and wide her empire stretches. Its boundaries are scarce distinguishable from those of the Precious Blood itself: so closely and so peacefully do the two sovereignties intertwine.

Mary holds sway over the Precious Blood. It does her bidding, and she commands with a mother’s right. Yet she too is a subject of the Precious Blood, and rejoices in her subjection.

Out of her very heart that Blood first came; and out of that Blood came also her Immaculate Conception. It was the very office of her Divine Maternity to minister that Blood; and it was that Blood which from all eternity had merited for her the Divine Maternity. It was the Precious Blood which made her suffer; but it was the Precious Blood also which turned her suffering into dignities and crowns.

She owes all to the Precious Blood, to whom the Precious Blood owes its very self. Yet the river is greater than its fountain. The Precious Blood is greater than Mary; nay, it is greater by a whole infinity, because the waters of the Godhead have assumed its uncommingled stream unto themselves.

But Mary is seated on her throne to exalt the Precious Blood. Her power is used to spread His empire. Her prayers dispense the graces that He has merited for us, and Her holiness, which delights the heavens, is a monument and a trophy raised to the glory of this victorious Blood.