Bloody Summer in the Sahel

August 08, 2019

Houses burned, priests murdered, pregnant women and children massacred: the litany of horrors continues to grow in the Sahel. The ethnic and religious struggles between Fulani Muslims and Christians are indeed raging in what is one of the poorest regions of Africa.

On July 15, 2019, Fulani Muslims stormed four villages, burned two churches and 75 houses. The toll is heavy: a young pregnant woman of 27 years was one of the victims; the village parish priest was beheaded; a father and his son were massacred as they returned from Mass.

Two days later, another priest, Fr. Ikechukwu Ilo was wounded by gun fire, always by the Fulani.

On August 2, 2019, Vatican News reported the deaths of two priests, murdered in Cameroon and Nigeria, likewise in the context of ethnic and religious struggles.

On several occasions, the bishops of the worst-hit areas of the Sahel have appealed to their respective governments, urging them to fight against these attacks. In vain, so far.