Brazil: “Amazonize Yourself”

September 03, 2020
Official campaign logo

The “Amazonize yourself” campaign was launched on July 27, 2020 in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

Organized by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), it is designed in the continuity of the Synod on the Amazon and the Ecclesial Conference for the Amazon, created on June 29, 2020, by CELAM (Latin-American Episcopal Council) and REPAM (Pan-Amazonian Church Network).

“Amazonize yourself” (Amazoniza-te, in Portuguese) is structured around three axes that the press release presenting the launch of the campaign details as follows:

1st axis: “We want to make the world aware once again about the vulnerability of traditional peoples and communities to the coronavirus. We will insist on the inadequateness of the medical reception and infrastructure made available to these peoples.”

2nd axis: “Denounce the acceleration of the destruction of biomass, through increased deforestation, fires, and illegal mining, leading to an exponential increase in invasions of indigenous territories and traditional communities.”

3rd axis: “Denounce the systematic violation of environmental protection legislation, and the dismantling of public bodies, with the approval of the government, which favors the excessive exploitation of the region’s natural resources by mining companies, agribusiness companies, extensive ranching, and logging.

In UN jargon, these are the three axes of a deeply misaligned episcopal conference, because one has to ask: where is God in all this? The Church in Brazil has become an NGO, a non-governmental organization, rather anti-governmental. And it has transformed itself little by little into a GMO, a genetically modified organism. Now it is about Amazonizing, in the past we wanted to Christianize.