Cacophonic Synod - Conflicting Voices Speak Out Following Youth Synod

November 08, 2018
Archbishop Anthony Fisher

The Bishops’ Synod on Youth has only just ended, and already conflicting voices are speaking out; the latest to date is Archbishop Anthony Fisher, archbishop of Sydney, who voiced his disappointment to Edward Pentin from the National Catholic Register on October 28, 2018.

As a member of the Information Commission and of the Ordinary Council of the Synod of Bishops on Young People, Archbishop Fisher was an active participant in the Synod.

In his interview with Edward Pentin, the Australian prelate, after a captatio benevolentiae in which he pointed out the “will of those involved to bring young people closer to Christ”, made no secret of the meeting’s drawbacks.

For example, “a disappointing diffidence about the Church’s moral teaching” and “an unwillingness to provide translations of the speeches”, not to mention the fact “that almost all of the synod fathers felt ‘shut down’ from speaking after they had given their interventions (speeches).”

The archbishop of Sydney concluded the interview by expressing his worries: “In this synod, we were writing doctrine, as it were, on the run. This is not the way to make doctrine.” Indeed, it is high time some attention was paid to doctrine and the way of exposing it, in other words, teaching it. In short, the bishops need to come back to the catechism.