Catholic Doctrine: The Sense of the Church (3)

September 23, 2019

The Supernatural Mission of the Church

Until the end of time, the Church works to give new children to God and to edify the Body of Christ until its completion. United to the successors of the Apostles so as to continue the mission of Christ, her priests are privileged instruments spreading the Light and Life of Christ to souls.

It is through the Church that fallen nature is able to return to its Creator. It is she who returns people to God, uproots sin from them, and sanctifies them.

Her beneficent actions also extend to the things that she consecrates to divine worship, or orders to the wise use of man. To recapitulate in Christ all of creation redeemed by His Blood, the priests of the Church are the chosen instruments, called and consecrated, to plant and water, to offer and bless—oporet sacerdotem offere et benedicere.

And so, the holy Church in which we believe is an essentially supernatural society, visible, holy, and universal, that Jesus Christ instituted during His life on this earth.

Apart from her founder, it is the Holy Ghost, source and donor of this sanctity, from whom she receives her own holiness. The Church continues the work of Christ on earth so that the fruits of the Redemption accomplished on the Cross may be applied to men until the end of time.

Through the paroxysms and sometimes heartbreaking crises, the bloody persecutions, to the seemingly irrevocable schisms of Arianism in the 4th century to today’s modernism, God does not abandon His Church and asks each generation to militate in favor of her, to carry on the good fight for the faith, each one according to his grace of state and his place, far from any seditious spirit and any shameful compromise.

FromLe Sens de l’Eglise (The Sense of the Church) by Fr. Gaston Courtois, Fleuris, Paris, 1950