Celebrate Saint Joseph

March 19, 2020
Source: fsspx.news

Christians celebrate the liturgical feast of Saint Joseph on March 19. It is the opportunity to present fervent prayer intentions to the one whom Leo XIII constituted as special protector of the Church.

The glorification of Saint Joseph in Heaven and his power of intercession are in proportion to the excellence of his hidden life here below: the one who watched over the Holy Family in Nazareth now watches over Christian homes, as well as also over religious communities and more generally over all those who consecrate themselves to God so as to obey Him in everything. A guide in the ways of prayer, this shadowy figure through his life, hidden and yet oh so effective, makes known to souls the primacy, too often ignored, neglected and despised, of contemplation over action.

Let us ask him, during the time of Lent, to make us penetrate further the infinite goodness of God at work in the mystery of our Redemption, and, consequently, to embody a little more each day this disinterested, contagious and radiant selflessness which gives the name of Christian all its strength, all its content.