China Rewards Reporting of “Illegal” Christian Activities

August 31, 2021

A reward system has been set up in Heilongjiang, a province in northeast China, for reporting “crimes” linked to religious practice. Each report by phone, email, or letter can be rewarded with a sum of up to 130 euros ($150).

The “reward system for reporting crimes related to illegal religious activities” has been in effect since the beginning of August, in Meilisi Daur District, Qiqihar City, Northeastern Heilongjiang Province.

According to the China Christian Daily, each whistleblower can receive a variable reward of up to one thousand yuan (about $150). The stated aim is to suppress “illegal religious activities”.

This new regulation comes in addition to the establishment of “big brother” observance of the practice of the faith, the fines imposed on bishops for the celebration of Masses and the destruction of churches, to name only a few recent cases.

But the promoters want to reassure: this strengthening of the control “of illegal religious activities in the district” is intended to prevent “possible“ clusters ”of Covid-19.” We are reassured.

In addition, “illegal activities” are also targeted, with the aim of “guaranteeing a harmonious and stable religious landscape.” Which is even more beautiful as a pretext. Now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cares about the harmony and stability of the “religious landscape.”

It will be understood, from the coronavirus to the need for stability, that all pretexts are good for attacking the free practice of religion, especially with regard to Christians. Because, for the CCP, the stability of religion coincides with its demise.

The new law also affects those who place religious materials outside places of worship, encourage “unauthorized” donations of property or money, or distribute printed materials and publications.

Reports can be made by phone, email, or written letter and can be anonymous. This system is already in use in other parts of China, such as Boshan District in Shandong, and ends up affecting mainly the so-called house churches.

These “house churches” are unregistered and are more or less underground churches in China. They include many evangelical churches - there are said to be 35 million underground Protestants - and 37% of Chinese Catholics, or 3.3 million faithful.

The whistleblower system is deeply rooted in the genes of communism and it can be found in all countries where it has gained a position of strength. It thus wreaked havoc in the USSR, China, Cuba, North Korea, and Vietnam.

It is now particularly facilitated by electronic means of population surveillance. It remains as abject as ever, and an effective means of getting rid of enemies, large or small, in communist dictatorships.