The Church in Guatemala Confronted with the Culture of Death

May 27, 2017
The bishops of Guatemala in their visit to Rome.

The bishops of Guatemala in their ad limina visit to the Vatican denounced the growing influence of the pressure groups promoting abortion and “gender ideology” in the country.

All the bishops of the world make a visit ad limina apostolorum every five years, to venerate the tombs of the holy apostles Peter and Paul in Rome. They give an account of the situation in their dioceses and can meet with the Sovereign ontiff and the heads of the Roman Curia. Pope Francis encourages informal meetings, and receives the bishops in groups for a casual dialogue.

Thus on Monday, May 22, 2017, it was the Guatemalan bishops’ turn to be received by the Holy Father. The discussion centered on the challenges facing the Church in Guatemala in today’s society. The president of the Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Gonzalo De Villa y Vásquez, bishop of Sololá-Chimaltenango, gave a summary of the moral report presented to Francis.

The prelate pointed out that in recent years, the Church in Guatemala is increasingly confronted by “those who promote rights that go against the Social Doctrine of the Church”. “I am referring in particular,” he added, “to gender ideology, abortion, and homosexual marriage. They are not legal in Guatemala, but the pressure is strong. The Church’s fight for human rights is on a different level than that of these organizations.”

The pastoral action of the Guatemalan bishops to counter these lobbies is not very easy, as the prelate explained: “We do what we can, but we are like David against Goliath. These organizations have great economic power, a high capacity for penetrating the media, and they enjoy the support of UN agencies in imposing upon this small country and its weak government a political agenda geared towards adopting these laws”. Bishop De Villa concluded: “All of this represents an enormous effort for the Church, but we continue to fight for life.”

The Catholic Church in Guatemala represents a little less than 50% of the total population. The country is paying the price of several campaigns run by NGOs to generalize abortion and the fight against homophobia: we have not forgotten that last February the “abortion ship” of the NGO Women on Waves, that offered free abortions that could not be penalized since done on international waters, was expelled from the country.

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