The Conciliar Praxis at Work

November 30, 2020

The following is an opinion piece by Fr. Alain Lorans.

A documentary film to the glory of Pope Francis was awarded a prize at the Vatican on October 21, 2020. However, in an interview granted in May 2019 and included in this documentary, the Pope says he is in favor of a civil pact of cohabitation for the people of same sex.

All those who, in 2013, demonstrated en masse against “marriage for all,” that is, homosexual “marriage,” are thus receiving a scathing disavowal from Francis. Likewise, those who opposed the PACS (Civil Solidarity Pact) in 1999.

With a scathing irony, a French observer affirms that, by this declaration in favor of a civil pact of cohabitation, Francis threw to the defenders of the natural and Christian law on the marriage, a sinister “PACS vobiscum, that the PACS be with you.”

The clarification that the Secretariat of State claimed to provide is in reality a confirmation of what Pope Francis said: he is in favor of a civil pact of cohabitation. Without wanting, he says, to question neither the name nor the doctrine of marriage, but ignoring the fact that this civil pact is a legal questioning of Christian marriage, since it grants rights to partners in a union which objectively opposes natural and supernatural law.

Such is the “merciful” pastoral care of the Pope: it theoretically supports the doctrine which it destroys in practice, - nominally in the Catholic line, concretely in thrall of the spirit of the world. It was already written in Amoris laetitia where “remarried” divorcees could be admitted, on a case by case basis, to Eucharistic communion.

This is the fruit of the “pastoral and non-dogmatic” Council. As we cannot hold out for long in this wobbly position where pastoral care is no longer based on dogma, they end up dogmatizing like they have “pastoralized” for 60 years. Morals evolve, pastoral care adapts, and dogma bends to these accommodations on a case-by-case basis... The conciliar aggiornamento is a permanent update, an incessant updating. The men of the Church conform to the present century and human society is disintegrating, without considering their responsibility for a moment. Yet, as a contemporary sociologist recognizes, France has scattered like an archipelago, since it lost its Catholic matrix.

Cardinal Pie declared: “Apart from the Christian tradition, there remains in human societies neither precise doctrine, nor defined morality, nor a determined goal. Language itself is full of confusion, and words differ in meaning according to the diversity of those who use them.…We can not change the essence of things. Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the whole social edifice. Missing Him, everything is shaken, everything is divided, everything perishes.” (Works, V, 333)

Today, we can experimentally see the correctness of this diagnosis.