COP26: Pro-abortion Lobbies Disappointed

December 08, 2021

Those in favor of family planning and other so-called “progressive” ideologies have been in low spirits since the end of COP26: neither abortion, nor contraception, nor gender - although on the agenda of the international summit - were selected as priorities for climate change in the Glasgow final declaration.

“I am deeply sorry; I also understand the deep disappointment you share.”

With a trembling voice and tears in his eyes, the president of COP26, Alok Sharma, could not contain his emotions, on November 13, 2021, during the closing of the Glasgow Conference (Scotland, United Kingdom) on climatic change.

And for good reason, the many countries present at this summit did the minimum work, reaching an agreement  no longer to “exit” from fossil economies, but to “reduce” them.

Conversely, it is a real sigh of relief that we have been able to feel the effect of the defenders of the culture of life, often undermined during these meetings celebrating the doxa of the ecological empire, in defiance of the natural law.

Because supporters of “green energy” were not the only participants who felt disappointed by the conference. After months of influence and pressure games, feminist activists and family planning NGOs failed to convince delegates that “reproductive rights” and “comprehensive sex education” must find their place in the final document of the summit.

However, the progressive lobbies have spared no efforts, setting up some sixty events on the sidelines of COP26 to raise awareness among participants that reproductive health and climate change are intimately linked.

“Climate policy should fund strategies to remove barriers to family planning and the education of girls,” said David Johnson, director of the Margaret Pyke Trust.

Gender ideology has tried to score points, in vain: “gender is a priority issue, but as long as we do not integrate it into the commitments made at the COP, we run the risk of putting it away,” warned Sheri Lim, member of the Climate Change and Resilience group.

While on the side of the right to life supporters, they expected the worst, the final agreement fortunately did not see fit to discuss, either the benefits of abortion or contraception, or those of sex discrimination as a means of combating the harmful effects of alleged climate change.

“I know you are disappointed. But the road to progress is not always a straight line,” said United Nations (UN) head Antonio Guterres in a message to women and young people.

“Never give up. Never back down. Keep moving forward,” he concluded. This one way of saying that the elementary rights of the Creator and of His creatures remain suspended more than ever.