A Custom-Made Prelate: Bishop Dario Vigano

September 10, 2019
Source: fsspx.news
Bishop Dario Vigano and Pope Francis

The former prefect of the Secretariat for Vatican Communications, who had acknowledged that he had made inappropriate use of a letter written by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, is going to be appointed by Pope Francis to the post of vice-chancellor of the Academy of Sciences.

Bishop Dario Vigano, 57, is a priest serving the Roman Curia. A university professor specializing in social communications, he was appointed director of the Vatican Television Center (CTV) in January 2013.

The consecration came in June 2015, when the sovereign pontiff entrusted him with the reins of what was then the Secretariat for Communication, with the mission of bringing together all the Vatican media: Vatican Radio, CTV, Osservatore Romano, social media , etc.

Arx Tarpeia Capitoli Proxima [1]

A briskly led reorganization, but which quickly gave rise to bitterness and opposition, within the Vatican. However, a Roman peculiarity wants the Capitol to be located not far from the Tarpeian rock. Father Vigano learns this at his expense, starting in March 2018.

As the fig trees of the Palatinate were just beginning to bloom, the prelate presented, at a press review, a collection of eleven volumes edited by the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Eleven theologians - clearly from the progressive wing - are trying to comment on Pope Francis's thinking.

In this presentation, Bishop Vigano thought it best to read a few quotations from a letter, at first glance praiseworthy, addressed by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, who was thus associated with this editorial initiative.

A few days later, a knowledgeable Vatican proved that Fr. Vigano has manipulated the letter of the former pope, who was actually surprised to see a heterodox theologian appear in the collection presented to him.

Pope Francis was then forced to sanction Bishop Vigano, whose resignation was made public by the director of the Holy See Press Office on March 21, 2018.

The Church, being an indulgent mother, the purgatory of the wrongdoer will be light and short: light, because Dario Vigano, though he has lost his title as prefect, has nevertheless remained as “Assessor” to the Dicastery for Communication—a position created for the occasion.

In short, because on August 31, 2019, the counterfeiter was appointed vice-chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences—a function that did not exist until now, and once again, an office created to order—to exercise a “specific competence” in the communication sector of the Academy.

May the concept of science defined by Aristotle as “certain knowledge through causes,” as opposed to false news, enlighten the new vice-chancellor, in the “specific” charge assigned to him.

[1] “The Tarpeian Rock is close to the Capitol,” meaning “one’s fall from grace can come swiftly.” This is a reference to the Tarpeian Rock where in Ancient Rome the death sentence was carried out by throwing people off the cliff.