The Days of the Benedictines in Los Caidos Are Numbered

March 11, 2020

The ruling left and far left coalition in Spain plans to change the legal status of the Los Caidos Valley so that they can expel the Benedictine monks who have guarded the sanctuary for more than 40 years.

Pedro Sanchez abhors them, considering them as the guardians of the memory of the hated “dictator,” General Francesco Franco. They are the religious of the Los Caidos Valley: Benedictine monks belonging to the Congregation of Solesmes, whose vocation is to spend the day in prayer, work, and welcoming pilgrims.

The Spanish government is determined to expel the religious. To achieve this, the government’s first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, is working hard, with unusual zeal, on a bill to repeal all the decrees that have governed since 1957 the status of the Abbey of the Holy Cross of Los Caidos.

Pedro Sanchez, for his part, wants to be reassuring. He claims that he has no intention of decommissioning the place of any Catholic presence, but to find an “alternative” to the current management of the Los Caidos Valley, in concert with the Cardinal-Archbishop of Madrid, Msgr. Carlos Osoro Sierra, a prelate deemed rather conciliatory with the current government.

The executive plans to have the new norms approved before summer. The days of the Benedictines in Los Caidos are numbered.