The Eucharist (12): Dispositions for Receiving Communion

April 18, 2019

To receive communion with devotion, one must prepare oneself carefully and then make a suitable act of thanksgiving. Preparation for communion consists in meditating with attention and devotion, for some time on the great sacrament we are going to receive, making acts of faith, hope, charity, and contrition, but also of adoration, humility, and desire to receive Jesus Christ. The prayers of Mass before communion are an excellent preparation.

Thanksgiving consists in meditating with attention and devotion, for some time on the host that has been received, making acts of faith, hope, charity, presenting our good intentions, gratitude and requests, but also of adoration, and self-offering. After communion, we must above all ask Jesus Christ for the graces necessary for salvation, for us and our neighbor, and mainly for the grace of final perseverance, the victory of the Church over her enemies, and eternal rest for the souls of the deceased.

Manner of Receiving Communion

At the moment of receiving Holy Communion, you must be on your knees, hold your head modestly turned towards the Holy Host, eyes closed, mouth open wide, and tongue slightly forward on the lower lip.

An altar boy (or if there is no altar boy present, you) will hold a paten under your chin and, if there is one, you must hold the communion-rail cloth up under your chin so that it receives the Host if it falls.

Upon receiving the Host, you should consumed it without delay by swallowing it as soon as possible. If it sticks to the palate, detach it with your tongue, never with your fingers.