The Eucharist (15): Honor Jesus in the Host

April 18, 2019

We must honor Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist:

—By adoring Him with supreme respect;

—By rendering Him love for love;

—By asking Him for His grace with complete confidence.

Every time you enter a church where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, consider that you are in the presence of Jesus Christ. He is the God whom the angels adore in trembling. Also, beware of any irreverence, either in your dress and attitude, or in forgetting to keep silence and the marks of respect due to the Lord and Master of all things.

Jesus Christ is your most loving friend who, because He desires you, stays there in the tabernacle day and night, a prisoner of His love. Visit Him often and thank Him for such great charity. His hands are full of heavenly gifts, which He wishes to lavish on you: pray with confidence.

Praise Jesus at all times in the Blessed Sacrament!