Eucharist (4): The Real Presence

April 10, 2019

Jesus Christ is entirely present in the host as well as in the chalice, because, in the Eucharist, He is living and immortal as in Heaven. Consequently, where His body is, so also is His blood, His soul, and His divinity; and where His Blood is, there also is His Body, His soul, and His divinity.

When Jesus Christ is in the host, He does not cease to be in Heaven, but He can be found at the same time in Heaven and in the most Holy Sacrament, in each consecrated host. When the priest splits a host, he does not split the Body of Jesus Christ, but only the species of bread, because the Body of Christ remains completely entire in all the parts into which the host is divided. Each piece must be honored and respected, adored by everyone, because it truly, really, and substantially contains Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This, as it is written in the Gospel of St. John, “Having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them unto the end” (Jn. 13:1), that is, in instituting the Holy Eucharist, Our Lord showed them His infinite love. Indeed, after having instituted the sacrament of His love, Christ wanted to be delivered into the hands of the Jews and the rabble of soldiers, to suffer His Passion before dying on the Cross, thus offering the unique and eternal sacrifice, alone capable of reconciling us with God, of redeeming us from our sins, and of delivering us from the power of the devil and opening to us the gates of Heaven.