The European Commission and Its Totalitarian Maneuvers

December 12, 2022
Ursula von der Leyen

The term totalitarian is certainly not usurped here. In the future, EU Member States may be forced to accept surrogacy as well as the adoption of children by same-sex couples, even if none of these practices are justified in their own legislation.

In other words, the European Commission intends to impose adoption and surrogacy by homosexuals in all EU countries. At least for people moving from one Member State to another. This is the objective of an initiative by the European Commission to “harmonize at the EU level the provisions of private international law relating to parenthood.”

The corresponding proposal was accepted by the European Commission on Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Brussels justifies its proposal saying it is based on the well-being and rights of the children concerned.

Parental Equality

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, had already stressed before the European Parliament in Brussels, on September 16, 2020, that she would never stop building a Union of equality: “A Union in which you can be who you are and love whoever you want, without fear of being accused or discriminated against.”

At the time, she was explicitly addressing gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex rights. Mrs. von der Leyen announced a “strategy to strengthen LGBT rights” in 2020. She literally said:

“As part of this, I will also push for mutual recognition of family relationships in the EU. If you are a parent in one country, you are a parent in all.”

National Laws Annulled in Practice

According to the European Commission, its new regulation will make it possible to “recognize paternity established in a Member State without any particular procedure in all the other Member States.” This will overturn any national ban on surrogacy and give effect to the right to adoption for same-sex couples across the EU.

In fact, the European Commission regulation only concerns cases which are not already the subject of an agreement between the Member States, namely surrogacy, as well as the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

To date, only 14 of the 27 EU Member States recognize the legal institution of “marriage” for same-sex couples, while seven others recognize a registered civil partnership. However, the European Commission's proposal must be adopted unanimously by the “Council,” i.e. the representatives of the 27 EU Member States, after consulting the European Parliament.

Such unanimity seems unlikely, but it already shows where the leaders of this totalitarian institution called the European Union want to go, and the arrogance they show vis-à-vis the legislation of sovereign countries.