European Lobby Attacks Pro-life Associations

July 06, 2021

In the European Parliament, a progressive lobby linked to the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF), seeks to discredit Christian pro-life organizations by calling them “religious extremists” allegedly committed “to roll back human rights in sexuality and reproduction.”

The European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (EPF) is a lobby that is determined to have abortion recognized as a “human right” around the world.

Its latest crusade: to discredit the pro-life organizations present on the Old Continent, and to try as best they can, to make their voice heard in Strasbourg or Brussels.

To fulfill this objective, the EPF published, in mid-June 2021, an investigative report entitled “Tip of the Iceberg: Religious Extremist Funders against Human Rights for Sexuality and Reproductive Health in Europe 2009-2018.”

The document, signed by Neil Datta, secretary of the organization, claims to be a comprehensive account of “fifty-four European actors funding anti-gender actions, and the main channels through which religious extremists raise funds.”

The report, which weaves a semantic conspiracy, paints a picture of a “transnational galaxy of like-minded religious extremists and far-right actors.”

It should be noted that the EPF is largely funded by George Soros and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: which is to say that the hospital has never mocked charity so much.

Within a chapter devoted to the Catholic Church, the document directs its criticisms against the Holy See, the Commission of Episcopal Conferences of the European Union (COMECE), and even certain personalities such as Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, whose openings in favor of the LGBT movement have not been considered sufficient by the censors of the Parliamentary Forum.

A few days after the publication of its report, the EPF proposed to submit to the vote of the European deputies an amendment to remove pro-life organizations from the “transparency register” of the European Union (EU), on the pretext that they “work for the decline of women's rights.”

This register is a database listing the organizations which intervene de jure within the framework of the legislative process, and the implementation of the policies of the European institutions. It highlights the interests defended, by whom, and with what budgets.

If MEPs decided in the near future to remove pro-life organizations from the transparency register, that would amount to establishing a real blacklist against them: never seen before.

The last straw is that the EPF announces on its website that it is financially supported by the Commission. But, there is no trace of the organization in the financial transparency register.

Two parliamentarians therefore questioned the Commission on June 1 to find out whether the matter was correct. And, if this funding exists, if the Commission considers it acceptable to fund an organization whose aim is to lobby Parliament?

There has been no response to date. Despite everything, the signals coming from Strasbourg are very bad, like the approval of the Matic report, which wants to make abortion a universal right, and limit - or even eliminate in the long term? - conscientious objection which protects health care workers.