Faced With the Migratory Drama, the Catholic Archbishop of Athens Points to Europe

March 09, 2020
Source: fsspx.news
Mgr Sevastianos Rossolatos

The head of the Greek Catholic Church is accusing the European Union of abandoning his country in the face of the ever-increasing influx of immigrants, and urges the European episcopates to speak up to their governments.

“In the past, the European Union has helped us in the face of certain political crises, but when it comes to the migrants, there is a great incoherence: they speak of solidarity, but the refugees are flooding in, and we are left to manage the situation,” lamented Msgr. Sevastianos Rossolatos, Catholic Archbishop of Athens, and President of the Conference of Bishops of Greece on February 1, 2020.

“Today, we are 200,000 Catholic faithful distributed in six dioceses,” explains the prelate, who is also the apostolic administrator of Rhodes, one of the islands particularly affected by the waves of migration from the Middle East and the Maghreb.

The silence of the other episcopates on this question exasperates the Archbishop of Athens: “the European episcopates should make their voices heard more clearly in saying that flood of people are the result of conflicts caused or maintained by the West,” he explains.

Bishop Rossolatos said that Christian refugees arriving en masse on the coasts of the Aegean islands are often “discriminated against by other migrants because of their faith.”

Not to mention the still tense relationship with the “orthodox” world, which, recalls the prelate “maintains an atavistic culture of contempt for Catholics” and “still considers Catholics as mere heretics with invalid sacraments.” Here, we are far away from that sweet ecumenism, extoled over and over again in the Vatican salons.

The Archbishop of Athens wants to believe that the meeting of the bishops of the Mediterranean world, which will take place in Bari, Italy at the end of February 2020, with the sovereign pontiff  presiding, will make the migration question a priority. But in what sense? In a globalist sense or with a Christian look?