A Fifteenth-Century Statue Disfigured in Spain by the Incompetency of a Volunteer

October 12, 2018
Source: fsspx.news

On the pretext of restoring it, a parishioner painted a statue of the Blessed Virgin in garish colors, disfiguring a work of art from the 15th century that is kept the center of an altarpiece in the chapel of El Ranadoiro in the Asturias. The Spanish heritage association reacted strongly.

The woman responsible for this “restoration” is a villager who received permission from the parish, pointed out the local newspaper El Comercio: “she meant well”…

This is the third time this sort of initiative has ended in a catastrophe. In 2012, a fresco was ruined, and more recently a statue of St. George dating back to the 16th century was also disfigured.

ACRE, the Spanish association for preserving the country’s artistic heritage, reacted strongly: “No one cares about the constant pillage in our country. What sort of society are we living in, when the heritage of our ancestors is destroyed under our very eyes?”