Fortune 500 Companies Come to Biden's Rescue

May 19, 2021

More than 400 of the nation's richest American corporations are joining forces to speed up passage of a President Joe Biden-backed bill to criminalize those defending the natural distinction between a man and a woman, as well as the traditional conception of marriage.

“I hope that Congress can bring the Equality Act to my desk to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans. To all the transgender Americans who watch me from home - and especially the young people who are so brave - I want you to know that your president is supporting you.”

These words spoken to the United States Congress on April 28, 2021 reflect the impatience of the tenant of the White House.

And for good reason: Joe Biden had promised to pass a law, in the first 100 days of his mandate, recognizing sexual orientation and gender identity as protected legal categories. But the bill, after its passage in the House of Representatives, is waiting in the anteroom of the Senate, where the game is far from over.

In order to counter those who stereotype him with the nickname Joe Hidden, Joe hid him; or Slow Joe, Joe the Slow, the Democratic president has decided to step into the arena and put pressure on Congress, using extreme measures.

And America, “effectiveness” is synonymous with money, so a general mobilization effort has been launched by the most prosperous companies in the United States.

Thus, on April 27, the LGBT Human Rights Campaign proudly announced that 416 companies from the prestigious Fortune 500, the list of the richest American companies, had joined a coalition working for a rapid adoption of the Equality Act.

A bill is unsettling, since, “instead of respecting the differences of beliefs on marriage and sexuality, the equality law would discriminate against people of faith who are opposed to the redefinition of marriage.” This warning came from the American Catholic bishops on Feb. 18.

In a new letter to Congress on Feb. 23, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) warned that passage of the bill would impose “conflicts of duty with regards to gender” on individuals and businesses.

For their part, the promoters of the culture of death are confident: the 416 companies that support President Joe Biden's Act have their headquarters in 33 American states; they have a combined annual turnover of $6.8 trillion and employ over 14.6 million people nationwide.

And to motivate companies, a series of “lists: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze” reward companies based on their commitment to the LGBT cause.

It is not a surprise to find Apple, Microsoft, Google, and also Pfizer, Coca Cola, UPS, and Accenture on the “platinum list.”

According to a single recent poll of 1,005 voters taken by Hart Research Associates on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign, 70% of those polled, including 50% of Republicans polled would support passing the Equality Act, right now.