French Council of Ethics Comes Out in Favor of Medically Assisted Procreation

October 02, 2018

The National Consultative Council of Ethics (CCNE) published its report on the current bioethical issues on September 25, 2018: predictably enough, the CCNE is for extending access to medically assisted procreation (MAP) to single women and lesbian “couples”.

In the September 25, 2018 edition of La Croix, Loup Besmond de Senneville pointed out four important points in the 160-page document:

  1. The CCNE desires that medically assisted procreation be made available to lesbian “couples” and single women.
    On this point, we must recall that while the Church does encourage techniques for helping with fertility (hormonal treatments, restoring or unblocking the fallopian tubes, surgical treatment for endometriosis), she is opposed to MAP that denies the morality of the human act associated with procreation, thus attacking the natural law and the family, the basic cell of society.
  2. The CCNE pleads for broadened rights to preserve oocytes for future use. In this perspective, the unborn child becomes a consumer product, to be used where and when one so desires.
  3. A status quo on the end of life is also desired by the CCNE, that considers the Leonetti law an adequate response – for the time being – to the question of dying patients’ rights.
  4. Lastly, the CCNE wishes for research on embryonic cells to be pursued on a broader scale: not to mention the destruction of embryos that this research necessarily entails, how can we not fear that this will lead to eugenic and totalitarian tendencies?

The “brave new world” is looking more and more like the kingdom of the culture of death. And the demigods in white coats see themselves as gods, sicut dii, masters of life and death.