Gender Ideology Will Soon Be Banished from Universities in Hungary

August 28, 2018

Viktor Orban’s government is about to cancel the modules that teach the Gender theory in universities. This measure will also affect the university founded by George Soros.

In the middle of August 2018, the heads of Hungarian universities received two letters from the ministries of Human Resources – the equivalent of the Ministry of National Education – and Justice, announcing the suppression of the Master’s degree in “Gender Studies”.

This formation is currently available in two Hungarian universities: the first is the prestigious Eötvös Loránd (ELTE), an establishment founded in 1635 by Cardinal Péter Pázmány.

The second is the Central European University (CEU), founded in 1991 in Budapest by the Hungarian-born American Jewish billionaire George Soros.

The Viktor Orban administration’s reasons for forbidding this degree are the small number of students enrolled, the formation’s uselessness for the economy and the work market, and the ideological and non-scientific nature of the subject matter.