Germany: Anti-Roman Provocation Hardens

May 17, 2022
Bishop Ludger Schepers, Auxiliary Bishop of Essen

In 2021, German priests challenged the responsum of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith asserting that the Church cannot bless same-sex unions. They had held 111 blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples.

Until today, there has been no response from Rome. The principle “he who is silent is understood to consent” can therefore be applied, at least that is the way the organizers have understood it, because the “blessings” - we should talk about desecration - are back across the Rhine without Rome taking any contrary measures, or if they exist, they are not public.

This is how 80 services in total have been planned – according to the official list of the liebegewinnt campaign, which can be translated as “love triumphs.” This certainly represents a reduction compared to last year, but this reduction must undoubtedly be tempered by the liberty more or less installed in Germany to make these desecrations on demand.

However, there is a difference – and of size – this year: for the first time, a bishop will participate in a blessing ceremony for homosexual couples this Tuesday, May 10, 2022. In this manner the auxiliary bishop of Essen, Bishop Ludger Schepers will be present at the ecumenical service, Cologne Cathedral Radio reported.

Likewise, in the diocese of Magdeburg, a blessing ceremony will take place in the cathedral on Tuesday, according to the diocese's website.

It should be remembered that, at the beginning of February, a vote was taken during the session of the German Synodal Assembly in favor of the introduction of blessing celebrations for couples “who love each other and want to commit themselves, but for whom sacramental marriage is not available or who does not want to commit to it.”

The argument used to justify such an aberration was that a refusal “to bless two people who want to live their partnership in love, commitment, and responsibility towards each other and towards God” cannot be “convincingly justified in terms of the theology of grace.”

Purely subjective justification that can authorize absolutely anything in moral disorder. “Liberty” – it would be better to speak of license – has thus totally overturned the natural and objective order. In other words, man has truly taken himself for God and believes he can decide what is good and what is bad, independently of the will of the Creator.