A Green Light for MAP and Embryonic Research in France

February 01, 2019
Source: fsspx.news

With the great national debate underway to calm the anger of the “Yellow Vest” movement, the information mission on the revision of the bioethics laws quietly submitted on January 15, 2019 a 300-page report that opens the door to Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) and research on human embryos.

Sixty propositions were submitted with this report that opens a true Pandora’s box. One of them is authorizing medically assisted procreation for lesbian couples and single women, to be financed by tax-payers’ money.

As for surrogacy, the Parliament members of the mission restate their ad hoc opposition to its legalization but recommend legally recognizing children born by this means abroad. 

They also recommend lifting the ban on creating transgenic embryos “in order to advance scientific research.”

Tugdual Derville, the delegate general for Alliance Vita, published a statement denouncing this report that shows “to what extremes the bioethical deregulation that animates some can lead.”

 “In order for hope to win out over fear, it is necessary and legitimate for us to reconsider together the great questions about our future,” wrote the President of the French Republic to the French on January 13, 2019.

Bioethics is certainly one of these great questions: we have to wonder why it is restricted to a quiet report submitted to a distracted Parliament, far from the spotlight that is set on a great national debate that is more a group therapy than a will to work constructively toward the common good of the nation.