He Is Banished from the Church for Refusing “Inclusive Language”

November 29, 2021
Source: fsspx.news
Professor Walter Krämer

The President of the Association for the German Language, Walter Krämer, was forced to “leave the Church” in Germany for not wanting to comply with gender ideology, in particular inclusive writing.

Born in 1948, Mr. Krämer is not unknown. A renowned economist, he is professor of economics and social statistics at the Technical University of Dortmund. He is also the founder of the Association for the German Language (Verein Deutsche Sprache) which has more than 36,000 members and is active in the promotion and defense of the German language.

It “is committed to ensuring that German does not become an end-of-day dialect, but remains a language of culture, economics, and science,” according to its website. Mr. Krämer is also vice-president of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of North Rhine-Westphalia.

For years, this lover of Goethe's language has struggled against the unbearable distortion of inclusive language conveyed by gender ideology, which he has dubbed Gaga-Gender.

Recently, he opposed the bishop of the diocese of Hildesheim, protesting against a pamphlet promoting inclusive language. Not wanting to contribute financially to this downfall, which is at the same time an abdication and a danger to the Faith, he asked to pay the ecclesiastical tax in another diocese.

As it is known, the Church of Germany is financed by church taxes. The taxpayer must indicate to whom he wants to allocate this money - almost 10% of taxes. In this way, those registered as Catholics donate to the Church.

Mr. Krämer asked if it were possible for him to pay this tax to another diocese, but the diocesan association refused him because of his place of residence. As a result, he decided to no longer pay this tax, declaring, however, to remain Catholic.

On November 17, the economist and inclusive language slayer explained his attitude in a letter posted on his association's website.

“By using more and more inclusive language, the Catholic Church is moving away from the faithful,” he said. “In April, the Central Committee of Catholics (ZdK) decided to use the gender star. The “Laien-Organisation” (laity organization) has become the “Lai*innen-Organisation,”  points out the professor. Instead of standing by the side of the faithful and speaking their language, the Catholic Church prefers to follow a trend that is driving a wedge in interpersonal relationships.”

“In times of mismanagement of abuse and sanitary restrictions, the Church has nothing to do but promote the supposedly gender-appropriate language as a carrier of salvation. Instead of standing by the side of the faithful and speaking their language, the Catholic Church prefers to follow a current that drives a wedge into interpersonal relationships,” Mr. Krämer firmly points out.

“The Catholic Youth (KjG) goes so far as to doubt the very concept of God that they write, ‘Gott*’ (God*); the Catholic Student Youth (KSJ) is already using this version,” he adds. “With the increased use of inclusive language, the Catholic Church is moving away from the faithful,” he further explained.

The lover of his language got it right. The “theologian” and vice-president of the (very progressive) German Catholic Women association, Agnes Wuckelt, said that in the end, this “results in the great opportunity for diverse people to also be the image of God and to be loved by God.”

In this way, “people who do not feel they are male or female would experience justice in a religious-theological context,” she added. - No comments.

The KSJ meanwhile announced that it will “campaign for another image of God,” which will be “away from the white, bearded, and punitive old man: a God  of diversity.” They justify themselves by saying “after all, God * cannot be assigned to any gender or other human category.”

This is correct, but on the one hand the word “Gott” does have a gender, and likewise, God has revealed Himself as Father and incarnated as Son, whether we accept it or not.

Walter Krämer wants to remain Catholic, he wants to continue paying church taxes, but in a diocese that does not submit to a language destructive of the Faith.