Home Abortion Creates Controversy in the United Kingdom

June 04, 2020
Source: fsspx.news

After Msgr. John Sherrington, Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, United Kingdom, Msgr. Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury, protested against the expansion of the abortion law, which had been decided in the wake of the Chinese virus epidemic.

Bishop Mark Davies spoke on May 21, 2020, during a Mass celebrated for health and social care workers. The Bishop of Shrewsbury said the state should sooner or later answer a number of questions raised by the health crisis.

“In the days to come we have some searching questions to ask as to how we valued the frailest members of society, whether the elderly dependent upon our care; or the unborn whose lives, and the well-being of whose mothers, were together assaulted by a sinister measure of the Department of Health to promote ‘do-it-yourself’ abortion in the first days of the crisis,” deplored the prelate.

In fact, in March, the UK Department of Health and Welfare changed the law on voluntary termination of pregnancy. It set ten weeks as the legal deadline for performing an abortion at home, after simple telephone or online consultation with a doctor.

In his homily, Bishop Davies warned the political class: “science alone can never serve as a sufficient guide to the life and choices of human society.”

The will to persevere on a bad path is striking here. Despite the pandemic, men persist in killing innocent people by facilitating the use of abortion. If God willed or permitted this calamity, it can only be because of the sins of men, especially those “that cry to heaven for vengeance” because they attack innocent life. May God deliver us from this blindness.