How To Love Mary

January 18, 2020

Whoever has recognized and deeply contemplated the unspeakable love of Mary wishes to answer this love with the greatest possible love of a child.

One looks with reverence and perhaps a little jealousy at the devotion of the great saints who have done and suffered so much for Mary, and one would like to become at least a miniature of St. Bernard, Grignion de Montfort, and Maximilian Kolbe. It is hard to imagine that there could be any possibility to love Mary even more.

We know now that no one loved Mary more than her own son. He loved her with all the perfection of his human and divine nature. He did more for her than for all other creatures put together, as is shown by the most extraordinary privileges God has ever granted to any creature: the Immaculate Conception, the Fullness of Graces, Perpetual Virginity, Divine Motherhood, Spiritual Motherhood, and finally her bodily Asumption into Heaven.

Now we have received the immeasurable grace to be totally united to Christ through sanctifying grace, just as the members of the body are united to the head and form a single wholeness with him. Thus, we possess with Christ the same life, namely the divine life, that we may truly participate in. The fullness of this life is in the head, and from the head it flows into each of the members through the action of the Holy Ghost, who is the soul of this mystical body.

By this supernatural life we live the life of Christ himself, as the branches live the life of the vine, as the member lives the life of the whole body. Therefore, when we suffer, pray, work, love, etc., united with the life of Christ, then it is Christ who continues His suffering, His prayer, His work, His own love, etc. in us.

Our love for Mary is thereby more than the distant imitation of Jesus' devotion to His Heavenly Mother. Inasmuch as our supernatural life is a participation, continuation and, in a certain sense, the prolongation of the life of Christ, our love for Mary must be a participation, continuation and prolongation of the love of Christ for Mary. Therefore, if we love Mary, it is not so much we who love, but Christ who is "Our Life", loves Mary in us, through us, with us!

Such is the highest possible love and devotion to Mary, which contains in itself the devotion of all the angels and saints.

When Christ tells us that He has given us an example and asked us to do as He did, then we should not only, but we must honour, glorify and love Mary united with Him.

What an immeasurable joy for a child of Mary to be able to "love Mary so much" and thus to give her the greatest joy!

For this reason alone, the "Mihi vivere Christus est" must be the complete reality of our life!

"To love Mary is my meaning at all times!"