Hungary: Archbishop Márfi Denounces Freemasons and the Rise of Islam

March 29, 2023
Archbishop Gyula Marfi

In an interview last month with the conservative Hungarian newspaper Magyar Jelen, Gyula Márfi, Archbishop Emeritus of Veszprém, denounced the rise of Islam and anti-Christian sentiment in Europe, as well as the influence of Freemasonry, on the leaders of the European Union.

The Magyar prelate recalls that “one of the most striking signs of the anti-Christianity of the European Union is that its Constitution does not commemorate the Christian roots of Europe,” as noted by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

“They talk about Greco-Roman and Enlightenment traditions, but not about Christianity,” Msgr. Marfi explained. “Yet ancient culture and art survived precisely because of Christians: the writings of Virgil, Tacitus, Homer, and others were copied by monks in the depths of their cells.”

The Archbishop Emeritus also lamented the disappearance of Christmas from the public square, noting the growing trend of replacing the word Christmas with “festival.” He recalled that Brussels, the capital of the European Union, refused to install a Christmas tree in 2012 for fear of offending its Muslim population.

More recently, in 2021, the European Commission came under heavy criticism over internal communications guidelines that suggested deleting the term “Christmas time.” The Commission eventually withdrew these guidelines.

Archbishop Marfi identified Freemasonry, a longtime enemy of the Catholic Church, as one of the main groups working to secularize Europe.

The objective of the Freemasons is to “rid” Europe of Christianity. “To achieve this, they are ready to use any means, using their lobbying power to infiltrate the leaders of the Union.”

The Archbishop Emeritus also pointed to massive Muslim immigration as one of the main ways to weaken Europe's Christian culture. “In my opinion, Muslims are also called to drive Christ and Christianity out of Europe,” he told Magyar Jelen.

“Today, Freemasons and Muslims are joining forces to eradicate Christianity from Europe,” he noted. “It’s much the same as in the days of the Savior, when the scribes and Pharisees collaborated with their diehard enemy, Pontius Pilate, to make Jesus disappear.”

“In a multicultural society, the individual loses his identity, his sense of identity, his culture, his faith, his language, practically everything,” which makes people easier to manipulate for the powerful corporations “who want to transform the whole Earth into a huge collective farm, where there are no ethnic, national, and religious identities, but only obedient workers and rule-bound consumers.”

But European liberals will “eventually ruin themselves” by accepting large-scale Muslim immigration, because “Islam will never accept their liberal principles.”