Hungary Protects Its Children From Evil

December 22, 2020
Budapest Parliament building

With all due respect to the Western media, which are strangling and parroting agency information in a posture of submission to political correctness, Hungary continues on its way. She continues to stand up for Christian values, for which there is no need to use quotation marks, as if said values were only assumed.

Hungary was treated in a special way by the Soviet power, because of its resilience which enabled it to shed Ottoman power after a century and a half of occupation, and its spirit of resistance, manifested by the uprising of 1956. But after fifty years of tyranny, she also defeated the Communist power. In the period following this liberation, it was necessary to think about giving the country a new constitution.

It should be recalled briefly that after the dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the revolutionaries, led by the sinister Béla Kun, founded the Socialist and Federative Republic of the Councils of Hungary, which adopted a constitution on June23, 1919. It was a truly  communist constitution, placed under the regime of the collectivization of the means of production.

But the Republic of the Councils would last only 133 days. In March 1920, parliament chose the monarchical regime and, for lack of a king, elected Admiral Miklós Horthy as regent, who would remain in office until World War II. After the war, in 1947, the Soviets imposed by force Mátyás Rákosi, a great admirer of Stalin.

In 1949, a new, communist constitution was promulgated on August 20. It would remain in force until 1989, when it would be amended in the direction of a pluralist regime and a market economy.

The 2011 Constitution

After many difficulties, the legislative elections of 2010 allowed a coalition with a majority of more than two thirds, to sit in the assembly. The way was opened for a new constitution.

This was promulgated on April 25, 2011. It opens with this address: “God bless the Hungarians!” Among the basic laws, Article L states: “Hungary protects the institution of marriage as a life union based on a voluntary commitment between a man and a woman.”

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, a law prohibited the registration of the change of sex in the civil registry and the recognition of the gender identity of transgender people. A legislative amendment, Article 33, defined gender as the “biological sex based on birth and genome.”

Finally, on Tuesday, December 15, the Hungarian parliament adopted a new amendment to the constitution to guarantee respect for the natural law in matters of parenthood. The Magyar Magna Charta now states that “the mother is a woman and the father a man.” The text adds: “Education is provided in accordance with values ​​based on constitutional identity and the Christian culture” of the country.

Parliament also passed a law allowing married couples, and only married couples, to adopt children, which in practice excludes homosexuals who do not have the right to marry in Hungary. Exemptions (for a single person) may be granted in exceptional cases.

The government thus wants to ensure an education “in accordance with the values ​​based on constitutional identity and Christian culture.” The argument justifies this amendment by the need to “protect children against the possible ideological or biological interference” of the modern Western world.

These laws are based primarily on common sense, and it seems incongruous to have to admire such basic statements. But unfortunately, we have reached such a level of intellectual and moral decay that we must praise what yesterday seemed obvious to everyone.