Ireland Faces an Appalling Lack of Exorcists on the Island

February 01, 2018

“It appalls me that we have no safeguarding from the evil spirits”: an exorcist from Dublin laments that the hierarchy of Ireland is not forming enough priests to fight against the devil. 


Fr. Pat Collins is a Lazarist who exercises his ministry in the diocese of Dublin. He is one of Ireland’s best-known exorcists.

In a documentary broadcasted on Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE) at the end of November 2017, the religious said he is worried: he believes the bishops are “neglecting” the formation of exorcists, which is a way of “abandoning the sheep” entrusted to them. 

Fr. Collins admitted in the documentary that there can be human explanations for evil, but he added that it would be naïve to exclude the supernatural dimension.

The Dublin exorcist also deplored an attraction for Satanism and the devil among the general public, especially young people: “as people lose faith in God, they are increasing their interest in the devil and it's purely morbid.” 

In an interview with The Independent, Fr. Pat Collins recalled that in 2014, Pope Francis encouraged exorcist priests throughout the world to join the International Association of Exorcists that currently has 250 priestly members in 30 countries.

And they would, of course, need to exercise the power of exorcism according to the correct rite.