La Reja: Beginning of the Brothers' Novitiate on September 29, 2021

October 08, 2021
The crosses that will be given to the Brothers for the beginning of their novitiate3

On this day, traditionally dedicated to the Society of Saint Pius X's Brothers, a solemn ceremony took place at the seminary. Bishop Bernard Fellay, who was able to arrive in the country a few days earlier, officiated.

The Pontifical Mass brought together three different ceremonies this year:

1. The first engagements in the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) for second year seminarians, in anticipation of the tonsure ceremony and the first minor orders which, God willing, will take place on Saturday, October 9. The 5th year seminarians have in turn made their final engagement before receiving the subdiaconate on the same date.

2. The beginning of the novitiate of three postulants - two Mexicans and one Chilean - who have prepared themselves throughout this academic year.

3. Finally, the renewal of the vows of the two brothers at the seminary, who still have to make their temporary engagements.

So there are now three new Brothers at the La Reja seminary. It’s always a joy to see the family grow.

During Mass, Bishop Bernard Fellay explained the greatness of the life of the Brothers, stressing the value of their consecration to the service of God.

In the days which preceded, a novena was offered by the whole seminary for the Brothers of the SSPX, so that God gives them the grace to persevere in their vocations and that their numbers increase.