Lent with Bossuet – Meditations on the Gospel (7)

March 18, 2020
Source: fsspx.news
Jesus Christ on the Cross (16th century) - Hans Burgkmair

The Jealousy of the Pharisees

Let us consider here the effects of jealousy: it is one of the greatest evils of our nature. Jesus Christ, Who had come to cure it, was to feel the malice of it, and the sufferings which envy was to cause Him were to serve as a remedy to its poison.

Envy is the black and secret effect of a feeble pride, which feels itself either diminished, or completely effaced by the simplest luster in others, and which cannot endure the least light.

Pride is naturally enterprising, and wishes to shine, but envy hides itself under all sorts of pretexts, and delights in the most secret and darkest of underhand dealings. Disguised detractions, calumnies, betrayals, all evil crafts are its work.

When, through these sad and dark tricks, it has gained the upper hand, it bursts forth and joins together against the just man, whose glory defeats it, insult and scorn, with all the bitterness of hatred, and the last excesses of cruelty. Oh Saviour! Oh Just Man! Oh Saint of Saints! What remains to be accomplished in Your divine Person!

Let us uproot envy, and in the least of its effects which we might feel in our hearts, let us apprehend all the malice and all the horror of such a poison.