Letter from Fr. le Roux, Rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary on Upcoming Chapter

June 08, 2018
Source: District of the USA

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Rector of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Fr. Yves le Roux, discusses the upcoming elective General Chapter of the SSPX, and urges prayer, the curbing of judgement, and submission to Divine Grace.


"The more that the crisis of the Church intensifies, the more that its doctrinal bases are shaken, the more that Satan works to disorient men by previously unimaginable disruptions in the Church, so much the more must the Society of St. Pius X remain faithful to the vocation it received from its founder, Msgr. Lefebvre: to guard the holiness of the priest, the man of the Mass and, thus, of Calvary. It would be a serious and disastrous error to claim that, because born in the progressive crisis, the judgments and actions of the Society of St. Pius X must be determined according to the developments of this crisis. 

"Judging from the wave of panic that has seized some of us during these last months, it would seem that some of us gave lost our grasp of reason and balance on the eve of the upcoming elective Chapter of our Religious Society. Everyone gives his opinion, insists on what “must” be done, forecasts, criticizes left and right, goes around shouting about how dreadful everything is. Wouldn’t this be the time to re-cover a little sanity? 

"These extremes have the satanic mark of the egalitarian spirit of Revolution, by which everyone sets himself up as a sovereign authority. This crisis of authority is, in fact, nothing more than the fren-zied refusal of any paternity and particularly of the divine Paternity. It is also the denial of the nature of man: a dependent being, subject to God."


"Let us hope that, for their part, the faithful strengthen their prayer life and that they do not omit to say a daily prayer for our upcoming Chapter. Let us hope that they listen to the message of Our Lady of Fatima regarding the necessity of doing penance by fidelity to the duty of state. Let us pray that they also develop a spirit of devotion towards their priests and their parishes. 

"An elective Chapter in a religious society is an important moment that cannot be treated as a horse race open for betting. This event is a solemn occasion for a religious society because it is a particular moment of grace during which the fidelity to the Statutes must be renewed. It allows for a greater union of the members dependent upon the hierarchy and a re-organization in preparation for new battles. 

"Let us pray for the grace to avoid the imbalance of which we have spoken, to avoid abuses and in-sults, to avoid rash judgment of intentions and the formation of parties. Let us pray, quite simply, for the grace of remaining faithful to our Rule."

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