The LGBT Lobby Rejected in Court in Mexico

August 17, 2021
Source: FSSPX Spirituality
Elsa Méndez

On August 11, 2021, a Mexican judge acquitted pro-life and pro-family MP Elsa Méndez of the crime of homophobia. The LGBT lobby wanted her to pay for therapy for homosexuals “traumatized” by her statements.

Elsa Méndez, Member of Parliament for the state of Querétaro, Mexico, was acquitted of all charges of “homophobia,” the judge having not admitted the complaint by LGBT activists who denounced her and who wanted to make her pay for psychological therapy for homosexuals “traumatized” by her political activity.

For some time now, some LGBT activists have harassed her on social media and threatened her, trying to prevent Elsa from continuing her pro-life discourse or continuing her legislative work in the parliament in Querétaro. They even went so far as to report her to the justice department, and the public prosecutor admitted the complaint a few weeks ago.

This attempt by LGBT lobbyists, characteristic of the feminist and radical left, came to an end today as the judge ruled that Méndez was exonerated from all charges.

“I have always trusted justice, and today I am very happy to tell you that I did not commit the crime of discrimination,” declared Elsa Méndez leaving the court of Querétaro, where she had been summoned to answer for the alleged crime of homophobia.

The lobbyists, who were very poorly represented at the hearing, wanted the MP to pay for their therapy because they had been “traumatized” by her statements and political activity, which the judge dismissed outright. He also regretted that the prosecution had followed up on the action brought.

“We have always stood up for the lives of all Mexicans. ...This is why we continue to stand up with more strength, with renewed hope to work for this just cause, for the truth. Yes to life. Yes to the family and to our fundamental freedoms,” concluded Elsa as she left.

She later said, “Defending the family and life, like I have done, cannot be a crime. I am very grateful to everyone who supported me from all over Mexico, from many countries in Latin America, and from Spain in particular.”