The Los Caídos Valley Threatened by Extremists

May 04, 2020

The Los Caidos Valley, the valley of those who fell during the Spanish civil war of 1936, is an architectural complex built during the Franco era, located in the valley of Cuelgamuros (Autonomous Community of Madrid). This national sanctuary and religious monument, built between 1939 and 1975, includes a mausoleum for the dead of the civil war and accommodates nearly thirty-five thousand combatants, nationalists and republicans, as well as a Benedictine abbey and a guest house.

The body of Francisco Franco, who was buried there, was exhumed on October 24, 2019, since the Socialists could not bear to see 450,000 visitors go there each year. It is the result of the Historical Memory Law of the socialist government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who wanted to depoliticize the monument in order to dedicate it solely to its religious vocation.

In 2018, the Podemos party asked for the demolishing of the giant cross which dominates the 150-meter complex - the tallest in the world - while retaining the basilica. To achieve this, the government is working on the revision of the accords with the Holy See, for the expulsion of the Benedictines and the handing over of monuments into the hands of the National Heritage. These changes were announced for the summer.

This is how “the accords for the management, administration, or transfer of ownership and use of all parts of this enclosure, signed before democracy, will be canceled and it will be managed, if necessary, as part of the national heritage, in a public manner.”

But a new proposal today wants to completely demolish the monument. The Confederal Group of the European United Left has adopted a bill in which it now advocates the demolition of the entire architectural complex of the Los Caídos Valley, including the Benedictine Abbey and the Basilica of the Holy Cross “if their low architectural value is recognized.”

A relentlessness that borders on hatred: a new manifestation of the rejection of everything that, directly or indirectly, touches Catholicism in the land of very Catholic kings. The apostasy of nations breeds hatred of their history and the race to barbarism.