Many Are Still Asking - Who Is the New Superior General?

August 03, 2018
Source: District of the USA

An official statement announced his age, his nationality, and the different positions he has filled since his ordination, but journalists are saying he is different from his predecessor.

Fr. Davide Pagliarani responded to this claim in an interview in 2011 with the website of the District of Italy of which he was the superior at the time:

As in any human association, so too in the Society there are different nuances and sensibilities among the various members. To think that it can be otherwise would be a bit childish. Nevertheless, I think that one easily falls into the oversimplifications that you just mentioned if calm good judgment is lost or one speaks on the basis of preconceived prejudices: one ends up creating parties and unthinkingly siding with some rather than others.

To the members of the Society it is clear that the identity of their own congregation is structured around a definite, precise axis that is called Tradition; upon this principle, which is universally shared within the Society, the unity of the Society itself is built, and I think that objectively it is impossible to find a stronger principle of identity and cohesion: precisely this basic cohesion on the essentials is what allows the individuals to have variously nuanced views on any matters of opinion.

Yes, but what is his position on the relations with Rome?

Some observers say he is against them. Fr. Pagliarani answered this claim, too, in the same interview:

The canonical situation in which the Society presently finds itself is the result of its resistance to the errors that infest the Church; consequently, the possibility of the Society arriving at a regular canonical situation does not depend on us but on the hierarchy’s acceptance of the contribution that Tradition can make to the restoration of the Church.

And he explained:

The Roman spirit with which the Society wants to serve the Roman Church (consists in doing) whatever is possible so that the Church can reclaim Her Tradition, starting with Rome itself. The history of the Church teaches us that no universal, effective and lasting reform is possible unless Rome makes that reform its own and it starts from Rome.

The upcoming months will show pressing journalists and anxious observers whether this analysis by Fr. Pagliarani is still that of the new Superior General, or whether the man elected as head of the Society of St. Pius X is now different…

The priests and faithful of Tradition already know the answer.

-- Fr. Alain Lorans.
Editorial from Nouvelles de Chrétienté §172, to be published later this month.